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You came to this page looking to answer the age-old Android questions: What apps are around? What phones are sure to be accessible?
Pass your knowledge onto the Android community. We greatly value all contributions.

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There are a few simple things we ask that you keep in mind when submitting content.


  1. If you are a developer, we ask that you please refrain from posting your app to the database yourself. Your users will have the best insight as to the accessibility of an app, as we’re all regular screen reader users here. That being said, we welcome your responses in the comments section, and you should absolutely feel free to post about your app on the forum to solicit feedback from the community.
  2. When determining your accessibility rating, fully familiarize yourself with the app and all its screens.
  3. Your accessibility statement is where you can really go indepth about anything particularly of note with the app’s accessibility. Let us know any issues you faced. This will let other folks know what they can expect when downnloading the app.

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