Possible bug, can’t add widgets on pixel launcher using pixel 4a.

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    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
    Using the pixel 4A with the default Pixel launcher I am unable to add widgets or even edit the home screen.
    I am using the following steps.
    To add a new widget:
    1. Touch and hold two fingers on the Home screen. When you hear “Home screen 1 of 1,” you are on the screen where you can add widgets.
    2. Near the bottom of the screen, locate the “Widgets” button, then double-tap to select.
    3. Swipe right or left to move your focus through the widgets.
    4. To add the focused widget, double-tap.
    However, when I place two fingers on the screen nothing happens. I am not brought into that edit mode. This seems to happen with both talkback and commentary screen reader. If there is no screen reader running, I am then able to go into edit mode by long pressing with one finger.

    Commtech USA

    I’ll check on this today and have an answer for you in a bit. sorry for the delay.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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