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Google Pixel 4A5G

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Aaron Spears



Hardware Revision

Pixel 4A5G


excellent bang for the buck, very accessible. The Pixel 4A5g is Google's second generation in their line of impressive budget phones, now with a 5G cellular module.

Android Distribution

Android 11

Accessibility Statement

extremely Talkback friendly. Camera, phone, text messaging all work well.


good pricepoint, you get a lot of use for less money than many other options. You get a headphone jack.


doesn't have the greatest sound for others on Skype, no wireless charging, no waterproofing or even splash resistance.

Overall Opinion

While there are a few compromises like lack of wireless charging, this phone is a smooth experience, it does the basics, it performs well enough, no excessive slowness here. Battery life is at least average, sound output is good with stereo speakers and not much compression when at full volume. Vibrations are very strong. Headphone jack works well. Camera app is very Talkback friendly and makes it plenty doable to capture excellent pictures and videos. Larger size makes it easier to use on-screen Braille keyboards, but isn't too big for a typical jeans pocket.

Overall Rating

4 stars

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