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Dr. Demento

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Jack Falejczyk


Dr. Demento is the legendary disc jockey who introduced radio listeners to "Weird Al" Yankovic and repopularized such classic artists as Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman, and Tom Lehrer. The Dr. Demento Show has been running since 1970 and this app lets you listen to more than a thousand episodes ranging from last week all the way back to the dawn of his career. He is known for playing comedy music and dialog from all eras and all styles, with probably the widest variety ever heard on radio in national syndication.



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free with in-app purchases

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Nearly all of the app is accessible, except for one unlabeled button at the bottom of the main screen. This is the add to queue button which allows you to search for and add shows to your listening queue. You can easily label the button through Talkback's context menu.

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