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Discover the world with GoodMaps Explore.

Accurate indoor* and outdoor† information and navigation for people who are blind or visually impaired.

On-demand and automatic updates about your immediate surroundings. With your device locked or unlocked, hear customizable location notifications. These notifications are a snapshot of your current location, and include: current direction, nearest room, street, points of interest (POIs), or keep track of one specific POI.

Customize how often you hear location information on the Configuration page. Set the frequency of notifications for direction, nearest address, nearby POIs, and more. Options include 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, and never.

Save any POI and, outdoors, create your own favorited POIs. Select a favorite POI or address to quickly set it as a destination. Don't worry about losing your favorites; favorited POIs and preferences are automatically saved.

Accurate indoor routing for independent travel. Follow a route to a destination in mapped indoor venues.

Direction-based discovery at your fingertips. Discover the POIs in the direction you point the phone. You will hear the POIs in order of proximity.

Before you go. Set your position outdoors to a POI and explore its surroundings. Search indoor POIs and follow routes to them virtually.

• Get started quickly with help from easy, accessible tutorials.
• Search for POIs indoors or outdoors.
• Locate nearby intersections.
• Integration with Be My Eyes to provide live visual assistance.

*† where available



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Accessibility Statement

This app, like its predecessor Nearby Explorer, is designed with accessibility in mind. The app's accessibility and layout are solid.

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4 replies on “GoodMaps Explore”

Unfortunately, this app is not a replacement for Nearby Explorer, but it is a decent enough app for knowing where you are. The other unfortunate thing is that notifications don’t seem to be read out consistently while the phone is locked. They are for 30 seconds or so, but then stop. This is on both a Pixel 4 and a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Let’s hope they address this issue.

For the same reasons the commercial version of Nearby Explorer remained live throughout the entire transition phase to Nearby Explorer Online, the Goodmaps Explore transition will probably end up the same way. Nearby Explorer online is still available, but I imagine it will be up for as long as it takes Goodmaps Explore to transition completely. It is slated to become the full all-around GPS for both indoor and outdoor use, so especially on Android I’d give it some time to come into its own.
Regarding the notification bug: I wonder if that’s an Android background app limitation that hasn’t been adjusted? I’ll try running the app with practically all safeguards disabled and see if it still happens.

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