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Google Pixel 3A

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This is the first generation in the budget/mid-range line of phones from Google.

Android Distribution

Android 11

Accessibility Statement

The Pixel uses very near to Stock android. There are a few Pixel specific tidbits, all of which are at least mostly usable with Talkback. Dialer is excellent, launcher is excellent, camera is excellent, settings app is excellent, notifications shade is excellent. This is the first Android phone in which I didn't replace any of the built in features except for Gmail. The phone is fairly low end in terms of hardware specs, so sometimes it gets sluggish where high end flagships wouldn't, but it is still good for the price, especially now that these are the previous generation and prices will be much lower still.


not very large, if you prefer small phones

decent sound, loud but minor distortion and compression occurs at higher volumes

camera works well for Google lookout app, getting exceptionally good OCR results, makes money reading extremely efficient, product identification is unusually quick and efficient.

Decent mobile signal for me on AT&T

Good battery life - about 3 days for me

extremely good haptic feedback, vibrations are sharp and enthusiastic for Talkback's haptic feedback option

Still has a normal fingerprint sensor, although it's on the back. Works very quickly with minimal fuss.

Still has a headphone jack, definitely a pro for those who need it

Very affordable


A little sluggish, especially in web/script-heavy apps

It is easy for the speaker at the bottom of the phone to get covered by your hand, particularly when using the Talkback braille keyboard

Audio quality is poor for others when in internet calls, particulary with Skype and Threama. I regularly get complaints about how terrible I sound.

Overall Opinion

Very good buy if you're on a tight budget and need a blind friendly phone. These days you could have a 4a however for not terribly much more which has better specs, so it probably depends on the prices and availability. As far as budget phones go, you probably want clean Android, so the decidedly midrange specs will be able to handle the hopefully more efficient software. You can't do any better than Pixel in that department for Android. If you want cheap Android, Pixel is where it's at unless you need something with Android Go of course, but those usually have such little internal storage as to be impractical.

Overall Rating

4 stars

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