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3CX Communications System

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Remote-enable your workforce with 3CX. In combination with 3CX installed at your office or hosted in the cloud, this app allows you and your team to use your office extension from anywhere. After installing the app, scan the QR code shown in the 3CX welcome email (subject: Your User Account on your New 3CX System) or in the web client user avatar at the top right.

Important read: This app is only for use with 3CX v16 and is not a standalone app.

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Accessibility Statement

This app's accessibility appears great at the beginning, but quickly dissipates once you're in the main environment. Getting past the license agreement and provisioning your phone with the pbx couldn't be better; the app even beeps once the qr code has been scanned. Answering a call, however, requires a swipe that Talkback does not appear to play nice with, coupled with several unlabeled buttons in the incoming call window.

The call screen is missing a label for the end call button.

Overall, I would not recommend using the native version of this app; you are better off setting up any configured SIP trunk with your phone. If your pbx is already linked to a toll-free or local number, an SIP trunk is already configured and you should ask your network admin to provision your phone for that instead. You can then use your phone's native phone app to place and receive calls from your 3CX extension.

Page Elements

Talkback Reads most Page Elements

Button Labeling

Few Buttons are Clearly Labeled

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One reply on “3CX Communications System”

Version 16.6.2 has been released. This version fixes just a few accessibility issues. We’re a ways away from updating the accessibility statement officially, but these are worth noting.
1. You can finally interact with the incoming call screen!
The buttons are a bit clunky, but they finally got rid of the touch and drag to interact. You can now interact with calls by clicking on the unlabeled button next to the attribute (answer, decline, transfer, etc.).
2. The end call button is pressable, but it is still unlabeled. Partial improvement, still needs addressing.
3. Entire keypad is unlabeled, along with several more ui elements.
THe long and short of it is that this is getting better, but it’s still far from a talking deskphone replacement. You can, however, join the beta, so I would suggest all users do so. Normally this would be ill advised in a business/mission critical setting where you obviously want your extension to be reliable, but the ap is so far from being relied on as a primary that it doesn’t matter either way. IT’s more important that we get these bugs fixed, as the multiplatform IP Phones, AS SOLID AS THEY ARE, are still not a worthy mobile substituTe. The only true cordless model, the Cisco IP Phone 8821, does not have a 3ppc/multiplatform variant, so it is of no use here.

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