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Commtech USA is everything we offer online via our website in the palm of your hands! The latest news, reviews, tech tips and tutorials. Audio and Video training samples, access to the Support Staff Podcast, and quick access to our staff via phone, SmS, email and more! When we release a podcast, training video or audio or announce something big, you’ll be the first to know via alerts straight to your device. (Requires enabling of Notifications).



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free with in-app purchases

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This app is completely accessible with Talkback.

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Talkback Reads all Page Elements

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All Buttons are Clearly Labeled

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Hi folks!
Version 1.1 of our app has now been released, adding the Accessidroid site, as well as our Accessivision courses, into the menu of the app. We’ve also fixed a post rendering issue that was causing only the first few lines of a post to be read.
Go get it! tell your friends!

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